Ragnheiður Þorgrímsdóttir


The Icelandic artist Ragnheiður Þorgrímsdóttir (1987) recently graduated from the New York Academy of Arts where she finished a masters degree in fine arts.  Ragnheiður has bean drawing all her life and from a young age she knew that art was her path in life. She finished her bachelors degree in Florence from the Accademia Delle Belle Arti 2015 where her focus was to work with antique and natural materials from and the old ways of creating and making a painting, her favourite subject, restauration.

The classical education in Florence inspired her to want to go new ways in her art. She went through a selective admission process and got into the New York Academy of arts in New York where students go through intensive technical training in traditional methods and techniques with active critical discourse.  

Nature and connection with animals and the supernatural has been her main subject as she works from her imagination and memory. Her work has a classical but yet mystical complexion with a humoristic undertone.  She works on many pieces at the same time, paints layer after layer and spends lot of time with every single work.

Ragnheiður has had numerous private shows in Iceland, Italy and New York.